The rental date will be the agreed upon by telephone or telematics between the owner and the customer.

The house can be used from 16 hours on the day of arrival and must be free before 12 noon on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed between owner and client.

If the total number of persons occupying the house is less than the maximum capacity of the house, the bedrooms that are not to be used will remain locked.

The client is fully responsible for making the correct statement of the number of people who have to occupy the house (without omitting children), when arriving at the house. In no case may more people be admitted from the places for which the house is prepared, with the owner reserving the right of non-admission or eviction.

Pets are not allowed, except prior agreement with the owner of the accommodation.

In times when heating is used, an amount of 10 euros per day will be paid, this amount will be paid on arrival at the accommodation.

The irregularities or deficiencies that are found, must be communicated to the owner as soon as possible and always during the stay of the clients in the accommodation, for their quick solution.

During the rental, the client will be given a schedule and day for the owner to access the farm premises for irrigation and maintenance of the facilities, causing the least inconvenience to customers.

The use of the pool and various facilities of the property, is of a private nature for the clients, and therefore the responsibility is exclusive of them, the owner is therefore exempt from liability before possible accidents that could occur.

The pool deck will be closed all year round

The payment of the stays will be made by paying a deposit of 15% of the total to guarantee the reservation. The rest of the amount must be paid to the owner, in cash, upon arrival at the accommodation together with a deposit of 15% of the total amount of the reservation. This deposit will be returned in full upon leaving the accommodation, provided that no damage has occurred due to misuse of the utensils or elements of the house or property, in which case the cost of repair or replacement will be paid by the customer.

The reservations will be provisional for 48 hours from their completion, and will be considered "firm" at the moment the owner receives the deposit of 15% or proof thereof. If 48 hours have passed since the reservation was made, the owner does not have notification of the deposit, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

The collection of keys will always be made before 16 hours, unless otherwise agreed by the parties and at a place designated by the owner. As a rule, the entrance of the house will be taken as a place.

The formalization of the reservation of the house implies the acceptance of the mentioned conditions.

In case of cancellation of the reservation once the deposit is paid, the return of the same will be governed by the following cancellation policy:

- Cancellation 30 days before the arrival of the client: 100% refund of the deposit less 5 euros as a management fee.

- Cancellation 15 days before the arrival of the client: 75% refund of the deposit minus 5 euros for management fees.

- Cancellation 7 days before the arrival of the client: 25% refund of the deposit less 5 euros for management fees.

- Cancellation 2 days before the arrival of the client or no arrival at the accommodation: Loss of the right by the customer to return anything.

The personal data that are reflected here are protected according to the LOPD.